Friday, June 3, 2016

Mini Mez-Itz Batman Returns CATWOMAN!

Mini Mez-Itz Batman Returns Box Set - Catwoman - Mezco 2016

I love Mini Mez-Itz. The only trick to collecting them is harnessing your inner patience. It seems like the average figure gets delayed multiple times - sometime years late. But they almost always come out eventually (the only exception has been a few minor variants, like the unmasked Batman '66 Catwoman and Riddler). This Batman Returns Box Set was originally slated for last September, and honestly a delay of eight months is not that bad compared to previous waits. This is now the 4th (distinctly) different Catwoman Mez-Itz released (I say distinctly because there's a slightly redecoed comic-version Catwoman out there that I don't count). I'm hoping now that we'll get a BTAS version next. The only remaining Bat-lady on the horizon is a Suicide Squad Harley Quinn due out this Summer (supposedly). Although with the deadline of the movie's opening date, they may actually make it out on time. In the meantime, let's check out this awesome Batman Returns Catwoman Mini Mez-Itz below!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

All the Mez-Itz Catwomen so far: Dark Knight Returns, Batman '66, Batman Returns, and Comic Style.

Here she is with her two pack-mates: Penguin and Batman.

From Left to Right: Comic Harley Quinn, DKR Catwoman, Batman '66 Catwoman, Batman Returns, Comic Catwoman, Batgirl, & Poison Ivy.



  1. I've been looking forward to this release - specifically for Catwoman. I'm quite fond of NECA's quarter scale figure that is now up for pre-order, but I know I'm not going to spend over $100 to buy something else that is going to take up crazy amounts of room. A Mini Mez-Itz, however, is perfect. It fits my price point and space requirements. :)

    1. Yes the NECA one looks great! I was just talking over dinner about how Michelle Pfeiffer must have just recently allowed her likeness to be used because there has been an uncanny amount of product in the past few years. I'm hoping for a mini-bust of her. Also, I won't be buying the fill-size Neca figure, but my fingers are crossed for a 7" version like they made with Chris Reeve Superman, Adam West Batman, Ledger Joker, and Keaton Batman. It probably won't happen for years, but every time I see Neca at Toy Fair and NYCC I'm going to beg them for it haha.

  2. Will they make a Mez Itz Keychain of Batman Returns version of Catwoman?