Sunday, July 31, 2016


Spider-Man Legends - Venom Series - Web-Slinging Heroines - Hasbro 2016

I'm still reeling over Marvel's 2014 Spider-Verse storylines. I've always been a fan of Spider-Man, but this event - which brought together dozens of Spider-People from countless dimensions - just made me obsessed. In one Summer we were introduced to both Silk and Spider-Gwen and saw them in storylines with Anya Corazon, Mayday Parker, Lady Spider, and many others. Aside from Gwen and Cindy though, the character I was most intrigued by was Ashley Barton. In her world, she is the granddaughter of Peter Parker and daughter of Clint Barton Hawkeye. I don't know too much about her but she reminds me a lot of the Huntress over in the Batman Universe. She's a little violent (she beheaded Kingpin), she doesn't follow orders, and she has a sexual vibe that none of her peers really exude. Plus I think her costume is perfect in its simplicity. I'm frankly shocked we got a toy of her, and a stunning toy at that. They really captured that combination of feminine wiles and testy attitude. Let's check her out below!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Ashley with her slot-mate, Silk.

A whole ton of Spider-Ladies!  From Left to Right: Anya Corazon Spider-Girl, Spider-Gwen, Ultimate Spider-Woman, Ashley Barton Spider-Girl, Silk, May Parker Spider-Girl, and Jessica Drew Spider-Woman.


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