Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Miles From Tomorrowland - LORETTA & PHOEBE!

Miles From Tomorrowland - Loretta & Phoebe Callisto - Tomy 2015

Kid toys have been getting steadily better and better over the years.  Mattel's Fisher-Price and Hasbro's Playskool have really taken a cue from their parent companies and developed these fantastic lines of little action figures -- that I would have been absolutely obsessed with as a child. (And now as a discerning adult, I'm only slightly less infatuated).  This Miles from Tomorrowland series is one of the first times we've seen Tomy enter the preschool action figure market (although the John Deere Gear Force figures were probably the very first). Miles is a CGI-animated show on Disney Junior based on the Tomorrowland attraction at Walt Disney World.  I can only assume this was meant to tie into the high-budget live-action film from last Summer. The show focuses on the Callisto family who live on a spaceship and work for the TTA (Tomorrowland Transit Authority).  Reminds me of the the Fantastic Four vs Parking Wars. I haven't seen it yet, but it sounds really fun.  Let's check out the toys!

I'm going to start with
Loretta Callisto
the Daughter of the family.

All the characters come with Hoverboards.

Next up is
Phoebe Callisto
the Mother of the family.

Here are some images of the Callisto family from around the internet.

Time for Some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are Mother and Daughter together.

The helmets on these toys are not removable but there is a boxset coming out including all the main characters with removable headgear.

Here is Loretta with the Imaginext Warrior Queen.

And with a fellow Tomy figure: Sticks from the Sonic Boom line.

From Left to Right: Dani Burns from Hasbro's Robot Bots Line, Astrid from Spin Master's Dreamworks Dragons, Phoebe, Loretta, Imaginext's Wendy Waters, and Playskool's Black Widow from the Marvel Superhero Adventures line.



  1. Damn, I love any figure with a clear bubble helmet on them.

    1. Me too! It's not too common with female figures though. I can only think of Terra Firma from Outer Space Men, NECA's Ripley in her spacesuit, Lucy Mai from Alienators Evolotuion, and MOTUC's Captain Glenn