Thursday, December 22, 2016


DC Super Heroes #136 - Catwoman - Legion of Collectors Exc - Funko 2016

I remember very clearly when I bought my first Funko POP back in 2010. I was visiting my old college roommate in Austin and picked up a Batgirl in a comic shop. I was very resistant to the style at first, but seeing Batgirl products in the stores was a rare occasion back then, so I knew she would inevitably end up in my collection. Of course, I was also certain that she would immediately be followed by a comic style Catwoman, right?  Well two years later we got a Dark Knight Returns Catwoman followed soon after by a Batman '66 version. My comic version never came. But then lo and behold the surprise POP in the "Batman Villains" Legion of Collectors box a few months ago was this awesome classic Catwoman. This was the first comic version of Catwoman that I fell in love with reading old backissues in the 80s so I'm ecstatic that they made her first. Now my fingers are crossed for a Rock Candy in this outfit. The GameStop Mystery Mini was a nice surprise but I want more!  Let's check out Catwoman below!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the other two Catwoman POPs: Batman '66 and DKR.


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