Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Super Dino Drive - PINK & PURPLE RANGERS!

Power Ranger Super Dino Charge - Dino Super Drive Pink & Purple - Bandai 2016

In all the excitement over the Power Rangers Movie merchandise and the Ninja Steel line hitting the shelves, this final assortment of Power Rangers Dino Charge is almost getting lost in the shuffle. Dino Charge / Dino Supercharge was the first incarnation of Power Rangers that I ever watched all the way through (well, I'm a few episodes away from completion). And because of that I've been really excited to collect all the powered up versions of Shelby and Kendall. Actually, there might still be another wave of figures to look forward to because the Poisandra figure has been shown a few times already (and I'm also really hoping for a figure of the female Aqua Ranger and Wish Star). These Dino Super Drive figures seem even more armored than the final figures of past years. I think the leg armor really makes a dramatic change from the typical torso enhancements. Hopefully the Ninja Steel figures have good power-ups as well. Time will tell. Let's check out Dino Super Drive below!

Time for a Group Pic!

From Left to Right: Dino Charge Pink, Dino Drive Pink, Dino Super Drive Pink,
Dino Super Drive Purple, Dino Drive Purple, Dino Supercharge Purple.



  1. Nice! I have the Dino Super Charge Pink & Purple, which I love :)

    1. Did you see that the upcoming KyuRanger series in Japan has a female Green Ranger and the Pink Ranger has wings? Super cool. I figure that will be the 2018 series in the US.