Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Trio of Newly-Tooled DC SUPER HERO GIRLS!

DC Superhero Girls - Supergirl, Wonder Woman, & Batgirl - Mattel 2016

DC Super Hero Girls is one of my favorite toy lines from 2016. There has been a fantastic trend of female centric action figure lines lately. Starting with I Am Elemental in late 2014, we then saw Miraculous, Ghostbusters, and DC Super Hero Girls hit the shelves in quick succession (plus upcoming Mysticons by Playmates and RWBY by Jazwares). Of this group, DC Super Hero Girls definitely has the highest presence. I'm always anxiously awaiting additional figures - Catwoman, Starfire, and Hawkgirl seem like obvious additions to the line, but in actuality all we have been seeing is retools and redecos of existing characters (although Katana was a nice mid-year addition). This recent batch is a bit of a mystery. They seem very cheaply made, have a lower pricepoint, and are all on narrow cardbacks that are perhaps meant for stocking stuffers. Supergirl is the only original figure. Her head and body are all new, while Wonder Woman and Batgirl are composed of parts from previous figures. Let's check them out below!

I first saw these figures pop up on eBay around November for about $20 each. I figured I would see them in Dollar General, holiday pop-up sections in grocery stores or Walmart, etc, but I never saw them anywhere. Then recently they showed up on Amazon for $7.99 each so I grabbed them.

First up is...

Supergirl (v2)

I like this figure with her multi-hued blue outfit. The 12" dolls have had Mission Gear and Training Outfit variations and this design seems like a blend of the two.

Note the flesh-colored streak on her thigh and the fact that she does not have wrist or ankle articulation. In general, these figures are a step down from their main-release counterparts in quality and construction. Also, they are noticeably lighter in weight.

Here she is with the Supergirl (v1) main release from last March.

Next up is...

Batgirl (v4)

This figure is a blend of the Playset Batgirl's head with the Jet Pilot Batgirl's body, but cast in a a light purple plastic.

My Batgirl's eyes are a little crossed.

From Left to Right: Batgirl (v1) Regular Release, Batgirl (v3) Jet Pilot, Batgirl (v4), and Batgirl (v2) High School Playset Exc.

Check out this sneak peak of Batgirl (v5)! She appears to have a blue and gray body with black snap-on armor. 
I found this on a Russian website so details are scant.

Finally we have...

Wonder Woman (v3)

This figure uses the head from the standard release figure (v1) and the body from the Motorcycle Set (v2). Note: When I label these figures as v1, v2, etc, I am counting regular action figures in this scale. If it's a specialized action-feature figure like the whip-action Wonder Woman or a Sky-Dancer Supergirl, I am not including those in the count, despite being the same scale.

Note how her neck is not tightly together. I can squeeze the gap closed, but it comes right back open. This is the only figure of the three with an actual structural flaw. Other than that they are pretty great second-tier releases.

From Left to Right: Wonder Woman (v1) Regular Release, Wonder Woman (v3), and Wonder Woman (v2) Motorcycle Rider.

I can't wait to see any new figures displayed at Toy Fair!

Time for a Group Pic!

Here are the three new variants together.



  1. I got all the basic figures and love them. Also the Harley Quinn doll (interestingly enough I have no afinitity for Harley, yet I own many figures of her, I guess she gets the best designs etc). I am hoping to get the Katana doll too, as she looks very cool. I watched the movie and I enjoy it too. In a retro kind of sense.
    I have no interest on variants, and these look very simplified, which I guess is to get newer buyers with less funds. Which is all good.
    But same as you I am waiting on a Hawkgirl, Eclipso, and even the boys. Beast Boy is a must.

    1. I didn't realize Eclipso was a girl in this series until I saw her on the Lego boxes. I'm usually not a fan of variants, but when it's not an outlandish color and it's a character I love (and it's not to expensive) I've been known to cave in. Last year they didn't show the DC Superhero Girls in the main Mattel section, but rather in the separate "Play Fair" section where the public can come in. I'm not going to be there in person this year so I hope someone hunts them down, whereever they may be.

  2. I saw these today at big lots. They were in the easter section

    1. Nice! Thanks for the lead. I knew they would show up somewhere. I might actually re-buy Batgirl if she's cheap. The crossed eyes on my are unfortunate.