Sunday, December 31, 2017


DC Multiverse - Dr. Psycho Collect & Connect: DKR Wonder Woman - Mattel 2017

I have such mixed reactions to Frank Miller. I pretty much can't stand to read any of his comics as an adult. I find that his work is just too infused with weird gender politics and outdated stereotypes. It's like his views on masculinity are stuck in a 90's Mountain Dew commercial and his women seem ripped from either a 1920's bordello or an 70's biker bar (depending on the character), and it's all very tedious to me. But at the same time I can admit there's a certain undeniable fun factor and I have some major nostalgic ties to the Dark Knight Returns series. I read it when I was 11 and somehow convinced my middle school English teacher that it was suitable for a book report. Funny thing is, even back then I didn't love it. I remember there being a lot of nipples and garbage in almost every frame and thinking it was just too much. I only read the various DKR sequels in a cursory manner, but I enjoyed seeing new character designs like this Wonder Woman. It's kind of amazing to get a figure of her. Let's check her out below!

I really love this figure. Her proportions are large and bulky, but it kind of works. And it's really interesting to see a Diana figure with almost no red. The only flaw I've found is that the black leather thongs on her forearms and calves have very sloppy paint - often the lines are broken or smudged. Luckily it's an easy thing to clean up if you're so inclined.

Diana comes with a small dagger accessory.

Wonder Woman also comes with the Torso and Arms of Dr. Psycho.

It's pretty cool to have a Collect & Connect figure that only requires the purchase of two figures.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her wave mate, Cassie Sandsmark Wonder Girl.

And here she is with DKR Multiverse Carrie Kelley Robin.

And with the original DCUC Wonder Woman and the recent Movie Figure. You can see how large and intimidating she is.


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  1. In spite of their 10 year old articulation, Mattel CAN do good work when they're willing to sculpt new pieces.