Saturday, June 3, 2017

Wonder Woman Movie TRU Exc - WONDER WOMAN!

DC Multiverse Wonder Woman (Ares) - Wonder Woman TRU Exc - Mattel 2017

I've always said I'm not a collector of Wonder Woman figures, but as the most merchandised female superhero in the world, it's been almost impossible to resist picking up the occasional figure. Then comes all the movie merchandise. Between BvS and Wonder Woman, my small Diana collection has nearly doubled. I just got back from seeing Wonder Woman and I truly loved it. The Themyscira scenes in particular were cinematic perfection and I'm so happy they honored the movie with so many great toys. This TRU exclusive Wonder Woman figure may be the best of the bunch though. It has (almost) the same body as we saw last year in the BvS figure, but the new headsculpt is a stunning improvement. I'm glad she seems to be easy to get ahold of too. All my Toy R Us stores have of a ton of her. My only hope is that there will be a late-entry exclusive somewhere of Antiope.. maybe Amazon, maybe SDCC.. but I would love one more Amazonian! Let's check out the TRU Wonder Woman below!

My only complaints with this figure are that her thighs seem awkwardly twiggy compared to her shoulders and arms, and her neck is lacking some anatomical details that the BvS figure had (more on that below). Other than those two small gripes, I'm smitten over this figure.

When buying this figure, one thing to be selective about is the painting of the eyes. The area of her facesculpt where the eyes are printed isn't entirely flat, so many of the figures I've seen show the eyepaint bumping over the sculpted ridge of the eyelids. It looks fine from the front, but from the side or 3/4 angle it's really noticeable. Mine doesn't have this problem, but the majority of the figures I saw at TRU did.

Wonder Woman comes with her Lasso, the Godkiller Sword, and her Shield.

She also comes with a bonus shield for the Ares Collect-n-Connect figure. I think it's cool that the BAF accessories for these exclusive figures are fun, but not crucial, additions to the main series pieces.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with last year's BvS Wonder Woman (with a slightly retouched face). They have almost identical bodies, but the neck and d├ęcolletage area of the new figure is lacking all the sculptural details that the older figure had.

Here's a closeup of the two so you can see their necks. The new one lacks details and seems bulky by comparison. I was hoping to attempt a head swap to see if the new neck was actually an improvement, but I can't seem to pop the heads off (plus the skin tones between the two figures are significantly different).

You can see below how the neck of the new figure looks like a large featureless shiny tube from certain angles.

Here are all the ladies together: Cloaked Wonder Woman, Diana of Themyscira, Wonder Woman, Menalippe, and Queen Hippolyta.



  1. I love this figure, it's actually the best Wonder Woman movie figure yet! The high end Maefex and Play Arts Kai movie figures of Diana from BVS were huge disappointments for me - though I hope Mezco may come through! I think the neck and shoulders of this figure are too broad to represent Gal Gadot, but I don't mind it for the character in general. My only real complaint with the figure is the standard issue Mattel articulation, but I was expecting that. While I think still think it's odd that this figure was regulated to store exclusive, I'm pretty confident it will recieve a wide release in the Justice League wave this fall.

    Loved the movie! While the Amazons and their backstory were a little short changed (really that could and should be its own movie) what ended up on screen was perfect. While I am grateful for the wonderful figures that we got from Mattel (honestly a few years ago we may have only gotten another Diana slapped into a regular wave), I really think at the very least we should get an Antiope figure as she played such a pivotal role. Heck, as we're always short on villains, I wish they had given us a movie Dr. Poison (who interestingly seemed to be a hybrid of the Golden Age Dr. Poison and the Bronze Age Dr. Cyber in the film).

    1. Interesting about your dislike of the Mafex figure. I only have the DKR Catwoman, but I never opened her. I was considering getting the Suicide Squad Harley Mafex but I've never seen her in person to compare with the SHFiguarts one. And who knows if that DCC movie Harley will ever come out.. that might be a nice contender too. I try to be selective with my Wonder woman purchases so I knew I would wait for figures from this movie or Justice League before jumping the gun with the BvS selection.

      I know the Amazons could have had an entire movie all to themselves. And who knows maybe they will. Hollywood seems to love a good prequel. It's interesting after seeing the movie that the Menalippe figure seems to be a hybrid of Antiope and Menalippe from the movie. If the toy's hair was blonde, it would pretty much be Antiope. One glimmer of hope is that there definitely will be some Amazon presence in Justice League since Menalippe is listed on imdb.

    2. In general, Maefex is great and the Harley looks great from what I've seen. The Maefex WW was unhealthily pale, had a terrified expression, and her arms wouldn't stay in socket. It was very disappointing, but the solicits for the Mezco figure look amazing so I'm hoping that figure will be the perfect one. I don't feel the need for a million Dianas, but I really want one perfect 12th movie figure - not to mention my long pipe dream of a solid Lynda Carter figure (although the upcoming Tweeterhead statue looks amazing.

      Giving the Menalippe figure the bow and arrow does seem to try to push the character into Antiope territory. Maybe it will make more sense in Justice League? Or maybe just typical Mattel? Lol

  2. Aw jeez -- I had just decided to order online, then I saw your nit about the eyes being messed up. Guess I'll have to wait for these to hit northern NJ :(

    1. These are all over south jersey and philly area so you should have them very soon, if not already. Make sure to also check the Wonder Woman display in the front of the store, some locations keep them there.