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A Long Overdue 2016 YEAR-END REVIEW!

A Collection of 2016's Most Amazing Female Action Figures All In One Post

You read that right: 2016. I've reached a new level of procrastination and am posting this Year-End review approximated 365 days behind schedule. I intended to do this so many times in the past twelve months, but unlike most of my posts, these actually require some forethought and planning. And although exhausting and incredibly time-consuming, these posts are still my second favorite kind to do (right after Character Spotlights). It's easy to focus on the next shiny new toy on the horizon, complaining about details that weren't perfect or an important character who was skipped. But when you take a step back and look at all the wonderful items we get in a single year it's pretty humbling. Every year this hobby gets more complex and interesting. The sculpts, articulation, and character selection are constantly improving, and it's really easy to overlook that. And that is just talking about the year-to-year changes. If you skip 5 or ten years and see the industry changes it's simply mind-blowing.

Alright, without further ado here are almost 150 images of some of 2016's best action figures.

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I'll start it off with 

Hasbro's Marvel Legends

Every year this line impresses me more and more with good mix of obscure and staple characters.

Marvel Universe (Marvel Legends 3.75")

This line has been dwindling, but there are still always a handful of good figures each year.

And 2016 saw the introduction of a 

6" Marvel Basic Series

This Gamora has been followed by a Nebula, Black Widow, and Shuri.

Now we'll move on to

DC Collectibles

And some more DC love from

Mattel's DC Comics Multiverse


NECA also took a shot at DC figures in recent years with scaled-down versions of their supersized figures. I was hoping for a Batman Returns Catwoman in this scale for 2017, but rumors are that this line is over. They also released a Kenner-colored version of Ripley in their Aliens line.

One of the biggest splashes in the toy aisles in 2016 was from

Suicide Squad Movie Merchandise

I told myself I would limit my purchases to a select few items, but I still ended up with this crew...

Along with their two Suicide Squad figures,

Mezco Mini Mez-Itz

had a few other interesting additions as well.

Although it was an in-between year for

Star Wars

there was still a lot of decent merchandise on the shelves. Rogue One gave us several Jyn Ersos, and the Expanded Universe and Force Awakens still had a presence.

The following two Star Wars figures began a wave of

12" Figures

These figure lines has existed for years, but they were all notoriously devoid of female characters until 2016.

A very exciting advancement in the

Power Rangers

franchise happened in 2016. That was the launch of the 6" Legacy Series. Not to mention a few last Dino Charge figures and the introduction of Ninja Steel.

Another groundbreaking release in 2016 was

DC Super Hero Girls

Now it's time for some 


It's crazy how popular these products have become. I pick and choose who I buy, but I still end up with a huge haul at the end of the year.

The Dorbz line grew nicely in 2016 as well...

Pint-Size heroes were a new Funko addition for 2016

as well as Rock Candy. I hope this line continues for a long time.

Here are all the

WWE Ladies

that I swore I wasn't going to buy anymore. I have no spine.


While it wasn't a massive year for Transformers, there were still a handful of really great figures released.


This category is a little sad for me. One of my favorite lines has really dwindled. In 2014 we got eleven amazing ladies. In 2015 we got seven. And in 2016 we were down to three. 

Loyal Subjects also started their MOTU line this year.

Thundercats Classic

What a short but sweet line. I have faith that Super7 will be able to resurrect this line.

The Walking Dead

With the transition to Color Tops, this 5" scale was destined to be phased out, but a few good ones still trickle out each year.


I have no words for this. McFarlane Toys and Saga is a match made in Heaven.


2016 marked the license transition from McFarlane Toys (Left) to Mattel (Right).


I will never have enough Mini-Mates. Probably one of the most continually surprising lines out there.

DST Busts

Awesome new additions to both the Batman '66 and BTAS lines in 2016.


While the movie was not a huge success, I was kind of into the Garona figures from Jakks.

World of Nintendo

Kind of am impressive year for this sluggish (but awesome) line.

Jada Metals

Love em or hate em, it's nice to have a new lines of collectibles on the shelves.


Karai finally made an appearance in human form!



2016 was a very unique year for introducing several female-based toy lines.. some even in the boy aisles!


The Spider-Man Chess series gave us some amazing characters.

My Little Pony

The Girls of Equestria line launched in 2016.



The third wave of these figures is already hitting shelves in Europe. I hope it continues for a long time.


While not an action figure, I loved this Catwoman ornament.

Hope you enjoyed it.
I'll get around to the 2017 review soon.

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  1. Wow. Impressive review. Who cares if it's late.

    I am really impressed by what Hasbro has done with female characters in the Marvel Legends line. There is always at least one now, and many times two. The Kitty Pryde, Jean Grey Phoenix and Rogue set was a Grand Slam,