Sunday, May 26, 2019


Shazam! - Series 01 - Mary Marvel (Standard Version) - DC Direct 2007

One of my favorite things about the 2019 Shazam! movie is that it rejuvenated my interest in Mary Marvel. I wasn't very familiar with this character before she became a regular character in the early 2000s in the pages of Infinite Crisis and 52. She somehow escaped my notice for most of my life. Of course, during this reintroduction period she was going through some major character arcs, changing outfits and allegiances every time I tuned in. But I also became retroactively aware of her amazing history as one of the first female costumed heroes (introduced in Captain Marvel Adventures #18 from 1942) and was really inrigued. But even still, I never went crazy trying to collect all her figures until I realized that she would be in the new Shazam! film (and we would even be getting a toy of her!) So, I've been going back and collecting a bunch of her merchandise and reading reprints of her classic stories - and needless to say she's become a favorite of mine. This DC Direct figure is my favorite so far. She's a classic beauty.


I think this figure is wonderful, but she seems made to only look good from certain angles and in certain poses.

The only accessory Mary comes with is a figure stand.

There was also a variant of this figure in her White outfit.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are my Mary Marvels all together. From Left to Right: DC Universe Classics (2010), Mattel Movie Basic Series (2019), DC Direct (2007), Justice League Unlimited (2006).


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