Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Power Rangers Legacy Collection S5 - Dino Thunder Yellow Ranger- Bandai 2019

I'm really rather sad that the Power Rangers Legacy collection from Bandai has come to a close so quickly. In three short years, we got 10 pretty awesome female rangers in this 6" scale. It's a shame because I was really looking forward to getting some of the villains as well (which were hinted at during convention presentations). But instead I'm left wondering if the new Lightning Collection from Hasbro will ever contain any female characters and how they might look. I'm sure we will likely see one at SDCC next month, but I don't consider it a good sign that everything shown so far has been a total boys club. Dino Thunder aired in the US in 2004, which was right around the time I started seriously collecting toys as an adult. I remember being a bit disappointed because there was only one female ranger in this iteration, but I did think it was kind of cool that she represented another pterosaur like MMPR Pink (although I remember buying a toy of her back then that came with a yellow raptor.. hmm). Let's check her out below!

Dino Thunder Yellow comes with a blaster gun and a holster.

Dino Thunder Yellow comes with the Torso piece for the Build-a-figure Thundersaurus Megazord.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all my Yellow Legacy Rangers together. From Left to Right: Space Ranger Yellow, Zeo Ranger Yellow, Dino Thunder Yellow, MMPR Yellow, and 2017 Film Yellow.



  1. I've watched a ton of Power Rangers with the grandsons and have quite a few of the 12" figures which they love. That includes female Rangers. We haven't picked up any of the smaller figures yet but I suspect we will as they get older. Good review and good figure. Thanks.

  2. Dino Thunder was when I first really started watching Power Rangers as a kid. I immediately developed a crush on Kira Ford/Yellow Ranger (Emma Lahana); and got her figure when I saw them in stores. I sort of got teased as a kid, seeing as I only had her, and none of the male rangers. Seems hers never sold that well--you see tons of red, blue, black and white rangers, but hardly any of her on places like eBay. At least with the others being fairly cheap, I can get a complete set.

    But, wow, is this new figure a major improvement. The old figure was a bit odd in proportions. As opposed to the small build of Kira; her figure got a huge, bulky bodybuilder physique. On this one, it's correct. Much better articulation and detail too. Been considering getting this figure, put it off since it is essentially exclusive to Big Bad Toystore (everywhere else is a third party, and wants at least $40 for her), but your write up really helped push me over the edge on it. Looks so much better than the stock photos. Might even get the other Legacy Dino Rangers (since they're on sale most places by now; and deeply discounted) to go with her, and build the Megazord.