Monday, January 20, 2020

12" Spin Master - HARLEY QUINN!

DC Universe - 12" Creature Chaos -  Harley Quinn - Spin Master Toys 2020

When the news of Mattel losing the DC Comics license to McFarlane Toys and Spin Master hit the collecting community last year, one of my biggest fears was that the 12" True Moves line from Mattel would not continue.  The line showed so much potential but only technically had three female figures released (Batgirl, Mera, and Wonder Woman - which were all gorgeous). I had high hopes for many years of figures suddenly dashed. But I had no reason to fear because Spin Master almost immediately revealed a pretty robust wave of 12" in the exact same style as Mattel. Harley Quinn is the first female offering and her scale and articulation is identical to the Mattel Batgirl. There is a comic-based Wonder Woman is apparently being released in March and I hope Toy Fair shows us some more fun characters. I have a wishlist a mile long, but I only wish I could conjure up some supersized display space to accommodate them (I still keep them mostly on windowsills). Le'ts check out Harley Quinn below!

The costume on this figure is an unique variation of Harley's Rebirth look (seen below). The Rebirth Harley was a blend of the comic Amanda Conner roller-derby era with alterations (mostly hair) to make her connect with Margot Robbie's look in the Suicide Squad movie. This action figure shows that same Rebirth costume but with full pants (as opposed to short-shorts and thigh-highs). I suppose this was an effort to make her more palatable for young toy audiences, but I really dig the change. skimpy costumes always seem silly to me.

 Excited for this wonder Woman figure!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are my three main 12" Harley's together: Batman Unlimited from Mattel, Spin Master, and Suicide Squad from Mattel.

And with two other 12" figures for reference: Captain Marvel from Hasbro and Cuddle Team Leader from Jazwares.


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