Monday, July 13, 2020

Funko POP Batman Returns CATWOMAN!

POP! Heroes #338 - Batman Returns: Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman - Funko 2020

I can't believe it's taken so long for Funko to finally make a Michelle Pfeiffer Batman Returns Catwoman Pop. It was just about this time four years ago when I was obsessively trying to buy the SDCC Dorbz set (if I remember correctly, GameStop posted them online at 2 in the morning - and I was still at a phase in life when I had patience for such things). But seeing that Catwoman finally appear under the Funko Brand was exciting, because Funko is nothing if not prolific. And I thought for sure we'd be seeing a Rock Candy, Mystery Mini, Plushes, Vynl, and most certainly a Pop of her within a few months. But no. We didn't see anything until this figure four long years later. But I guess I'm glad for the wait, because back then Funko was still giving a lot of the DC ladies that squat Batgirl #03 body. (Classic Catwoman and Batgirl '66 are two examples of figures that had old-style bodies well after the modern style was in use). This figure just wouldn't be the same without a feline pose. Let's check out this long-awaited Pop below!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is my collection of Vinyl/SD Pfeiffer Catwoman. From Left to Right: Kubrick, Dorbz, POP, Vinimates, Mez-Itz.

And with the rest of my collection added including figure from ERTL, Applause, Mattel, and Kenner.


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  1. Cool looking figure I always liked the Pfeiffer catsuit design. She's not my favorite Catwoman but it did look cool and just begged to be an action figure. Good post and pics.