Friday, February 5, 2021

Roblox - SKYLAS!

Roblox Imagination Collection - 4" Figure Wave 03 - Skylas - Jazwares 2021

I love how quirky and weird video game toys are getting these days. I feel like all of my life, this genre was mostly composed of either cartoonish animals or gritty military. Neither of which ever tempted the collector side of my brain. But a few years ago  Fortnite hit the toy shelves and changed everything. Suddenly there were militant characters dressed like cartoonish animals? I guess two negatives really do make a positive because I was hooked right away. The teddy bear pajamas are what lured me in, but the plethora of other colorful characters are what kept my interest. And now the imitators are giving chase and I'm here for it. Roblox was historically a block-design game (kind of a cross between Lego and Minecraft) but at some point it morphed into a human-proportioned characters with diverse and playful designs. And the toys it has been inspiring are so fun. They are honestly one of my favorite properties right now because they are so unexpected and weird. Let's check out Skylas below!

Skylas, the Skyland Delivery Girl

Skylas comes with a messenger bag, three scrolls (that fit in the messenger bag), a telescope, and a pair of articulated steampunk wings.  The wings are hinged at the "elbow" so they can both spread out and fold in.

Unfortunately her wrist and arm articulation doesn't allow for a good telescope-holding pose.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Skylas with the two other Roblox ladies from this latest wave: Aven and Luna.

Here are all the Roblox Imagination Collection ladies so far. From Left to Right: Digital Artist, Nitr0-Z, Aven, Skylas, Luna, and Vie Battle Witch.


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