Thursday, September 9, 2021


Robotech - Action Figures Series 2 (Macross) - Claudia Grant - Toynami 2021

When the first Toynami Robotech 3.75" action figures came in 2018, I immediately developed a huge wishlist in my head. I'll admit the top of my list was characters from Robotech: The New Generation, but with the hunch that they would stick to The Macross Saga, my number one wish was Claudia Grant. Claudia was an impressive character. She was third in command of the SDF-1 Battle Fortress under Captain Gloval and Commander Lisa Hayes. Lisa was rather stiff and by-the-book, but Claudia was more relaxed and confident and all the other women on the bridge looked up to her. She wasn't all business though. Claudia had an intriguing relationship with bad-boy pilot Roy Fokker. It was also very rare to see a woman of color in action-based animation back in 1985. I can only think of two others: Astrea from Space Sentinels and Lt. Uhura from Star Trek the Animated Series (FYI Netossa come in 1986). Overall she was a standout in a huge cast and it's amazing she finally got a toy. Let's check out Claudia below!

Claudia has a ball-jointed neck; hinge-and-swivel shoulders and hips; hinge knees, swivel wrists, and a swivel waist. Her skirt limits all knee and hip movement, but her waist can still turn.

The imagery on the card shows her eyes painted very differently. I wish the final results was somewhere in between these glowering prototypes and the final wide-eyes production pieces.

Here are package shots for the other four characters in wave 2. I love the graphics.
Some characters look better in the card art that the figure itself. Ben Dixon in particular. He was always represented a little on the heftier/beefy side and he was a favorite of mine. This figure makes him look like a scrawny adolescent.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Claudia Grant with the 1998 Banpresto Mini PVC Statue of Claudia La Salle.

And here she is with her wave-mate Lisa Hayes. They share the same body. Fingers crossed this means we will see the rest of the bridge crew eventually: Sammie Porter, Vanessa Leeds, and Kim Young.

And with all the Toynami Robotech ladies so far: Miriya, Lynn Minmei, Lisa Hayes, and Claudia Grant.

Here's whole Wave 2 group: Captain Henry J Gloval, Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Claudia Grant, and Ben Dixon.

And finally all the Toynami Robotech figures so far: Max Sterling, Miriya, Henry J. Gloval, Rick Hunter (hero uniform), Rick Hunter (Pilot uniform), Lynn Minmei, Claudia Grant, Ben Dixon, and Lisa Hayes. I somehow forgot to include Roy Fokker in the photo.


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