Friday, September 10, 2021

Robotech - LISA HAYES!

Robotech - Action Figures Series 2 (Macross Saga) - Lisa Hayes - Toynami 2021

Being a Robotech fan and collector can be really problematic for me. I loved all three chapters of the Robotech Saga so much. I love that the story spans generations, three different alien invasions, and introduces us to tons of unique and interesting characters. Those characters are what make it for me. Without them it would just be like Top Gun in space. And I think a lot of fans would agree. But when it comes to the toys, it seems like 90% of the focus is on the transforming planes and motorcycles. In the show, these vehicles create a great dimension to the battle scenes and are very cool in their own right, but when that becomes the focus of all the toys, especially in lieu of the human characters, I get bored quick. There as been a pretty steady flow of Robotech merchandise over the years, but this current Toynami series is the first to focus on humans in more than 30 years. It's long overdue. Lisa Hayes is the Commander of the SDF-1 Battle Fortress and a very deserving of more toys. Let's check her out below!

Lisa has a ball-jointed neck; hinge-and-swivel shoulders and hips; hinge knees, swivel wrists, and a swivel waist. Her skirt limits all knee and hip movement, but her waist can still turn.

Here are package shots for the other four characters in wave 2. I love the graphics.
Some characters look better in the card art that the figure itself. Ben Dixon in particular. He was always represented a little on the heftier/beefy side and he was a favorite of mine. This figure makes him look like a scrawny adolescent.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

From Left to Right: Kitzconcept, Toynami, and Matchbox.

And here is Lisa with her wave-mate, Claudia Grant. They share the same body. Fingers crossed this means we will see the rest of the bridge crew eventually: Sammie Porter, Vanessa Leeds, and Kim Young.

And with all the Toynami Robotech ladies so far: Miriya, Lynn Minmei, Lisa Hayes, and Claudia Grant.

Here's whole Wave 2 group: Captain Henry J Gloval, Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Claudia Grant, and Ben Dixon.

And finally all the Toynami Robotech figures so far: Max Sterling, Miriya, Henry J. Gloval, Rick Hunter (hero uniform), Rick Hunter (Pilot uniform), Lynn Minmei, Claudia Grant, Ben Dixon, and Lisa Hayes. I somehow forgot to include Roy Fokker in the photo.



  1. These figures are awesome. I have wave 1. Will need to track down wave 2. They look great.

  2. nice colours..definitely a walk down memory lane