Saturday, October 2, 2021

Todd McFarlane - WONDER WOMAN!

DC Multiverse - Wonder Woman: Designed by Todd McFarlane - McFarlane 2021

I knew it wouldn't take long for Todd McFarlane to start applying his personal aesthetic to the DC Universe after McFarlane Toys got the DC Multiverse license. After decades of his own creations being made in plastic, we all have a general feel for his designs. His female characters especially seem to all share a few key elements: winged, valkyrie-like headdresses; very detailed armor (especially around the breast, shoulders, forearms, and shins); and oversized unwieldy weapons. This Todd McFarlane-designed Wonder Woman captures those elements in every sense. The only McFarlane trope missed is facepaint. However, I must admit this figure doesn't immediately read as Wonder Woman. I think the culprit is the paintjob. The even mix of gold and silver metallic armor and the predominantly blue torso are distracting. It comes down to color blocking. When you have an iconic character like Diana, you should be able to squint or see a blurry image and immediately know it's her. I predict a repaint.

Wonder Woman comes with a figure stand, a coiled lasso, a broadsword, a shield, and a collector card.

If this figure gets down to a $7 clearance like so many multiverse figures are right now, I'm totally going to pick up a second copy to repaint. I predict she would make an awesome She-Ra.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is the Todd McFarlane Wonder Woman with her Last Knight on Earth and Death Metal versions.


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