Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Masters of the WWE - CHYNA as SHE-RA!

Masters of the WWE Universe - Wave 08 - Chyna as She-Ra - Mattel 2021

In the past two years I've become a big fan of Mattel's Masters of the WWE series. Who would have thought that wrestling toys and He-Man toys would provide such a great mashup? I've eagerly looked forward to each new female in the line. And I'm pretty sad that this 8th Wave will be the final one. But for a final female figure, Chyna as She-Ra is quite a high note to go out on. As the most recognizable female wrestler, the late Chyna was an unexpected but fitting choice to become the Princess of Power. The tiara accessory in particular made me very excited for a future Filmation-style She-Ra, and also to attempt a kitbash version myself. (Although this proved very difficult... details below). But this Chyna figure on its own is great. The purple and silver deco is a rare combination for a hero, but it looks terrific and makes a great addition to my MOTUO collection. It's a bummer my prediction of a Charlotte as Sorceress figure (in a peacock feather deco) will never happen. Boo. Let's check out Chyna below!

Chyna's removable accessories include a Cape, She-Ra's tiara, and an Axe-comb
(the same mold as the one that came with the Power-Con MOTUO She-Ra).

These figures come with a fake mini-comic. It is just a single piece of paper printed on both sides.

My posed pictures of Chyna without accessories all came out extremely blurry.

I wanted to show Chyna's Tiara on She-Ra's head, but it does not fit without either cutting the pegs off the tiara or carving holes in She-Ra's temples to accommodate them. This is a shame because I really wanted to add this accessory to my extra She-Ra to make a Filmation version.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three Masters of the WWE ladies together:

And here is Chyna with the Power-Con She-Ra and the Standard Version.


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