Monday, July 25, 2022


He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (Netflix) - Eternia Minis - Mattel 2022

Well SDCC just wrapped up yesterday and the Masters of the Universe product reveals were plentiful. Masterverse and MOTU Origins predictably got the lion's share of attention, but there were also Fall Guys toys, Mega Construx playsets, Mondo figures, and Iron Studios statues as well. It was really a great show for MOTU fans (especially considering that Power-Con is just 11 days away with potentially even more reveals). Something that bummed me out though was the absence of any Eternia Minis products. This line has been exciting for me since the beginning, and I think there is a lot more potential for it. Hopefully they squeeze out a few more waves because they are fun, cheap, and fill in the long time gaps between the collector-focused figures. This Evil-Lyn is the fourth figure from the Netflix CGI He-Man show. She was a bit of a surprise since all the previous cardbacks showed only three characters, but then she popped up already in-stock on BBTS as a bonus 4th character. Let's check her out!

Evil-Lyn comes with her bat-winged orb staff.

While Evil-Lyn doesn't have a painted starscape on her headpiece, it is cast in a slightly sparkly plastic that gives it that feel.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is is Evil-Lyn with her 6" Figure from the main line.

And here she is with the Vintage Style Evil-Lyn.

And with the only other female Mini from the Netflix CGI show, Sorceress.



  1. One thing I'd like to see toy companies do, is instead of create tiny version of their characters with chibi-styled heads, you give them alternate heads for the primary, taller figures to use (or, include a normal AND a chibi head, if the main figure would look cooler with a less serious head). I think it'd catch on and be a "thing".

  2. This was seriously hard to find for sale. BBTS sold out of the set long ago, and just 1 guy on eBay wanted $70 for her lol. Managed to snag one the moment it showed up on eBay for under $19. (I know damn well I'm going to make it an alternate, swappable head for the larger figure lol).