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Marvel POP! #955 - Spider-Girl (Mayday & April Parker) - PIAB Exc - Funko 2022

In 1998 there was an issue of What If? that posed the question, what if Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson had a teenage daughter (with Spider powers). The concept proved popular and soon May "Mayday" parker spun off into a solo series that became the longest running female-led title of all time from Marvel. (Plus two follow-up series Amazing and Spectacular). And she was also the catalyst for a whole new comic universe, MC2, which gave us Stinger, Wild Thing, and American Dream among others. What I always loved about Spider-Girl was her costume. It seems like no-brainer, but there had never been a real female hero wearing a version of the classic Spider-Man suit before (not counting Valerie from the Electric Company). This Funko Pop is awesome. She took a while to arrive.. just under a year from her pre-order, but she was well worth the wait. I ordered three Mayday Pops in hopes of scoring a 1:6 chase and I ended up getting two. Let's check out the Spider-Girl(s) below!

The blue chase is surprisingly cool. April Parker is a clone of Mayday (who later bonds with the symbiote Mayhem).

Whenever I review a Mayday figure it reminds me of this old cover of Wizard magazine that sparked my observation that Spider-Ladies and Bat-Ladies get revamped in synch with each other. The timelines of Cassandra Cain Batgirl and Mayday Parker line up. Steph Brown became robin at the same time Anya Corazon became Arana. Then years later, Steph became Batgirl and Anya became Spider-Girl within a few months of each other. Then flash forward to 2014 when Bluebird and Silk were introduced followed by Burnside Batgirl and Spider-Gwen. Even the new Jessica Drew costume happened around the same time as the Rebirth Batgirl redesign. I keep a timeline spreadsheet because it fascinates me so much.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all my Mayday Parker Spider-Girl toys together:

And here is Mayday with the two other Spider-Ladies released just this past July: 

Here is the April Parker Spider-Girl with her symbiote Mayhem version.


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