Saturday, February 4, 2023

Apex Legends - LIFELINE!

Apex Legends - 6" Action Figures Wave 6 - 18 Lifeline - Jakks Pacific 2022

I started this blog on Jan 19th 2012 and I was initially very excited about planning different themed groups of posts like I had seen on other blogs. My themes have gotten pretty obscure and specific in recent years (like a week of mermaid figures or bee-themed figures), but back in 2012 I had just picked up the first Walking Dead Michonne figure right at the beginning of February and my first theme became an impromptu celebration of Black History Month. I've tried to replicate that in subsequent years, but figures of black female characters can be pretty scarce. Plus it always seems weird to delay any reviews of new figures until February. So I've made it a habit to tag any of these posts with "BHM" so they can be searched and celebrated year-round, regardless of the month. Lucky for me though, I (unintentionally) have a backlog of quite a few diverse characters that I'm excited to post this month, so I get to relive my original journey into toy blogging. Lifeline from Apex Legends is first. Let's check her out below!

I don't play any video games, but I'm drawn to the toys from many modern game properties (Fortnite, Halo, Roblox, etc) but Apex Legends stands out to me as being a more "serious" property (without much of the quirkiness of Fortnite) while still having a diverse group of non-objectified female characters. Lifeline is a medic who has rebelled against her war-profiting family to help undo some of her kin's damage by providing medical support on the front line. She's a pretty cool character with a great toy.

Lifeline comes with a handgun, a figure stand, and a hovering medic case (the toy does not hover).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are my Apex Legends ladies so far. From Left to Right: Loba, Lifeline, Wraith, and Voidwalker Wraith.


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