Saturday, July 29, 2023

Marvel Legends - CAPTAIN MARVEL!

Marvel Legends - Secret Wars 2-Pack - Capt Marvel vs Dr Doom - Hasbro 2023

When Marvel Legends released their Firestar figure back in 2021, I had to reassess my top most wanted figure. Angelica had been my top choice for so long that I was truly lost. But I soon settled on a classic Monica Rambeau as Captain Marvel. I've always loved this costume. Even though the disco era in popular culture was past its prime by the early 80s, a lot of comic characters introduced around this time still had a certain disco vibe. And Monica's billowing sleeves, swashbuckler boots, and perfect afro hairstyle definitely fit the bill. As a young comic reader I never read a single issue with her in it. However, she was on a ton of covers and promotional material related to the Marvel 25th Anniversary and Secret Wars, so her image is infused in my youth. I didn't get to know the character until much later in NextWave and Marvel Divas. But the 2019 Captain Marvel: Monica Rambeau TPB that reprinted her early appearances reinvigorated my love of her original suit. This figure is perfect. Let's check her out below!

Captain Marvel's only accessories are an alternate pair of fisted hands.

Monica has two ports in her back. I'm not sure what the function is. Perhaps a flight stand. Or perhaps the torso is repurposed from a figure with wings or a cape.

Here is Captain Marvel with her pack-mate Doctor Doom.

The Doctor Doom figure is pretty great. His face sculpt is terrific and the accessories are cool. 
I also really like his pearlescent/metallic deco.

Time for some Group and Comparion Pics!

Here are the three Marvel Legends Monica figures together: A-Force, Secret Wars, and The Marvels.

Here are all my Monica figures in her original Captain Marvel costume. From Left to Right: Minimates, Funko Pop, Marvel Legends Secret Wars, Eaglemoss, Heroclix, and Heroclix.

And all my Monicas so far: Funko Pop, Marvel Legends A-Force, Heroclix, Eaglemoss, Marvel Legends Secret Wars, Minimates, Heroclix, Marvel Legends The Marvels, HeroClix, Centauria, and a Bootlego.


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