Friday, September 1, 2023

Transformers - JAVELIN!

Transformers Legacy Evolution - Deadeye Duel 2-Pack - Javelin - Hasbro 2023

For many years now I have been browsing the Transformers comics at my lcs, but I haven't actually purchased or read one since 2015 (back when Firestar was re-introduced). One thing I've noticed is that IDW definitely doesn't shy away from female Transformers like the franchise had in the past. Every newer issue I flip through is full of new fembots that I can't keep straight. And I recently bought a large print with a collage of female Transformers (Girl Gang by Nick Roche) and I could only name a third of them without googling. This character Javelin was introduced in IDW comics in 2019, so she is brand new to me. I've learned that she is a sniper who works as a Senate guard and has ties to Nautica and Firestar. She has a great design and I love that her color palette reminds me of two non-branded fembots in recent years (Eris Kultur and Ling Yao) that I always wanted to see in the Hasbro line. Plus I'm very impressed with the smart re-use of the Bumblebee Arcee mold. Let's check out Javelin below!

Javelin comes with three small weapon accessories that can be assembled into a larger rifle.

In place of a faction symbol on Javelin's side of the packaging, she bears this Senate symbol. 
It is also associated with Senator Ratbat.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Javelin with the Studio Series Arcee from the Bumblebee movie. 
They share the same body with a new head, chestplate, and vehicle kibble.

Here is  Javelin with her Deadeye Duel pack-mate, Kaskade.


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