Thursday, September 14, 2023

Minecraft - ALEX!

Minecraft:  - 3.25" Figures Craft-a-Block Series- Alex - Mojang/Mattel 2021

It's been a moment since I've reviewed a Minecraft toy, and it's fun to bring it back to the original female character from the franchise, Alex. I still don't know much about Minecraft (eight years since my first review of an Alex toy), but I've grown to really appreciate the blocky pixelated style which lends itself to fun toyetic action figures. But as fun as I think these toys are, they naturally get a little repetitive. Gender is often expressed with nothing more than a geometric ponytail, and I appreciate that simplicity. The one thing about this specific character's popularity in the toy lines is that she keeps getting released in various scales, and I just eat that up. This 2021 Mattel figure is my fourth Alex, but in a scale distinctly different than my previous three. Other than size, accessories, and the company producing them, the figures are comically similar, but the idea of lining them all up makes it totally worth the purchase to me. I get a bit obsessive like that. Let's check out this 3.25" Mattel Alex below!

These figures have five simple points of articulation: Arms, Legs, and Head. It's hard to tell, but it seems like the joints are all small barbell post systems. They have a certain amount of "wiggle" to them - likely to make space for armor packs and weapons - and definitely aren't the flush swivel joints you might expect at first glance.

Alex comes with a mining axe.

Alex also comes with two Craft-a-Block cardboard cutouts.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are my Mattel Minecraft ladies so far. From Left to Right: Adriene, Valorie, Greta, and Alex.

And here she is with her 2015 Tiny Version and her 2016 5" Version.

And with the 8.5" giant figure from Mattel (2017).


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