Saturday, September 30, 2023

Transformers - STRONGARM!

Transformers Legacy Evolution - Strongarm (Robots in Disguise) - Hasbro 2023

It seems like every iteration of modern Transformers animation has one token female that they elevate to A-Lister status. Transformers: Prime had blue Arcee. Transformers: Cyberverse had Windblade. War for Cybertron featured a redesigned Elita-One. And Earthspark has Twitch. But I think special commendation goes to Strongarm from Robots in Disguise. This character was very different in several ways. For starters, she was big and strong. True to her name, Strongarm was a powerhouse character in this show, a far cry from the more dainty females before and after her. She is also a rescue vehicle. Kids are always drawn to the fire, medic, and police vehicles (similar to kids always being inexplicably drawn to the Red Ranger), but female characters rarely transform into them. Finally, her headsculpt is very traditional. There is something about the framing of her face and the yellow crest on her forehead that makes her look like she was designed in the 80s along with the rest of the classic Transformers characters.

This Legacy Evolution Strongarm is a retooled Minerva/Elita One body, 
so right away she has a smaller build that we would expect.

It doesn't show up in photographs really, but in person Strongarm's arms look really short. I kept pulling on them thinking there was a telescoping extension feature I was missing. Her torso also seems foreshortened. But maybe this is all just in comparison to the oversized perception I have of her character.

Note: The lightbar on the top of her vehicle mode is translucent blue and red, 
but it photographs really dark unless it's strongly backlit.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is my Strongarm collection. From Left to Right: Legion Class (2014), Deluxe Class (2014), Tiny Titans (2015), Legacy Evolution (2023), Kre-O (), Tiny Titans (2015), Limited Articulation Figure (2017), and Battle Pack (2016).


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