Sunday, June 2, 2024

Dark Knight Rises - CATWOMAN!

DC Multiverse - Catwoman (Dark Knight Rises) Platinum Edition - McFarlane 2024

I had a provocative thought recently. Sometime in the past 12 years that amazing code-switching scene from Dark Knight Rises where a confronted Selina Kyle says "Oops. Nobody told me it was uncrackable" has become as iconic to me as the Michelle Pfeiffer "Meow" explosion. An almost blasphemous statement, I know, but I feel what I feel. The YouTube clip of that scene shows up on my playlist all the time because I've watched it so much. I think I, along with the rest of nerddom, was apprehensive about Princess Mia Thermopolis stepping into the coveted role of the greatest femme fatale of all time (imo). But that scene was when I breathed a sigh of relief and realized Ms. Hathaway could handle that responsibility just fine. This McFarlane figure is pretty great and has prompted me to open photograph a handful of other DKR Selinas I've acquired over the years. I will post them all in quick succession this week so bear with me. Let's check out the McFarlane DC Multiverse DKR Catwoman below!

Note: there is a second version of this Catwoman that came packaged with the Bat-pod vehicle. That version has goggles with a slightly different sculpt that can be raised and lowered. This version has stationary raised goggles.

Catwoman's mask is made of a thin flexible rubbery plastic that can be moved slightly. I've seen some copies of this figure where the mask seemed the slightest bit askew, so it's nice to know those situations can likely be remedied easily.

Catwoman comes with three sets of hands, Martha Wayne's Pearls, a broken Batman mask, a Collector's Card, and a Figure Stand.

Time for a Group Pic!


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