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Dark Knight Rises - CATWOMAN!

Dark Knight Rises: The Bat 1:12 Collectible Set - Hot Toys/Sideshow 2014

This figure was the Bane of my existence for years (pun intended). As a surprise pack-in figure for the gargantuan deluxe The Bat vehicle from Hot Toys (MSRP $779.99), she was simply unobtainable for me. I had hopes that someone would split up the set and eventually sell her cheap(er) on eBay, and a mere eight years later I finally had her. Beyond the general character appeal and my obsession for collecting variations, I also wanted this figure as a rare example of a 1:12 scale figure from Hot Toys. As a company known for its large high-end 1:6 figures and smaller SD Cosbaby line, a traditional 6" scale figure is an oddity. And while she's not as detailed or articulated as her Mafex and SHFiguarts versions, she is still a fantastic rare figure. Her face and eye details are especially amazing. Although she kind of looks like she's about to cry with that Hot Toys' signature glassy shine and pink-lined eyelids. She probably saw her pricetag. Let's check out this rare Dark Knight Rises Catwoman below!

As stated above, Catwoman came with the super large and super expensive The Bat set. In researching this post, I believe there was a trimmed-down set that did not include Catwoman or the fusion reactor that sold for $100 less.

Catwoman's only accessories (I think - I bought mine second hand) are two different goggle configurations. The goggles are not articulated with the spinning feature at the corners like the real life item, so instead she has a pair for wearing raised, and a pair for wearing lowered.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the upper-mid-range DKR Catwoman figures for Comparison. From Left to Right: Hot Toys (2014)MAFEX 009 (2015), and S.H.Figuarts (2018).


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