Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Jurassic World Dominion - DR. ELLIE SATTLER!

Jurassic World Dominion - Epic Battle Pack - Dr. Ellie Sattler - Mattel 2022

Ellie Sattler was always the most memorable character from Jurassic Park for me. I loved one of the earliest scenes where they are in a jeep entering Jurassic Park and she is so taken aback by the prehistoric leaf she has found that she is not even noticing the dinosaurs. I can totally relate to this level of obsession and distraction. I also loved her acrobatic sprint to turn the power back on and her search for berries in the Triceratops poop. I just thought she was so cool. And I give all credit to Laura Dern, because I had read the book when it came out a few years before and the character barely registered with me. I was very happy to see the original trifecta of Dr. Grant, Dr. Sattler, and Dr. Malcolm resuming their roles almost 30 years later in 2022's Jurassic World Dominion. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and I'm glad so many of the characters got action figures. Ellie was definitely the hardest to get since she's exclusive to a large pricey boxset, but she's worth it. Let's check her out below!

Ellie was exclusive to the large Epic Battle Pack with a whopping MSRP of $130.

It's been about a year since I've seen Dominion and I'm having trouble placing the blue shirt. I'm pretty sure it's the shirt she is wearing underneath her button-down (which is a nod to her 1993 outfit).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her 2018 Legacy Collection figure.

Here are all the Dominion ladies. From Left to Right: Claire Dearing (Dominion), Kayla Watts (Dominion), Maisie Lockwood (Dominion), Ellie Sattler (Dominion), and Soyona Santos (Dominion). It's a shame Kayla is so oddly out of scale, when otherwise this line has been awesome scale-wise.

And ALL my modern Jurassic Ladies so far. From Left to Right: Yasmina "Yaz" Fadoula (Camp Cretaceous), Claire Dearing v2 (Jurassic World), Claire Dearing (Jurassic World), Ellie Sattler (Jurassic Park), Lex Murphy (Jurassic Park), Claire Dearing (Dominion), Kayla Watts (Dominion), Maisie Lockwood (Dominion), Ellie Sattler (Dominion), Soyona Santos (Dominion), Maisie Lockwood (Fallen Kingdom), Sarah Harding (Lost World), Brooklynn (Camp Cretaceous), Zia Rodriguez (Fallen Kingdom), and Sammy Gutierrez (Camp Cretaceous)


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