Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Unicorn Academy - AVA!

Netflix's Unicorn Academy - Ava Banji & Leaf - Spin Master Toys 2024

I find the character of Ava Banji to be both a joy and also disappointing. She has the most easygoing, likeable personality of the group. While characters like Layla are touted as the brainiacs of the show, it's actually Ava who teaches us the most about this secret magical world and the Academy itself. I also love that she and her unicorn steed, Leaf, have plant-based powers. It's my favorite of all elemental powers. But the disappointment is that my favorite color is green, and I wish she and Leaf were clad head-to-toe in that color. I feel like the overall palette of the Unicorn Academy characters is oddly devoid of green, and literally ever other plant-powered character I've ever heard of at least has some green. But alas, my favorite character and her unicorn are a Springy palette of yellow, pink, purple, and robin's egg blue. I hope these characters get power-ups in future season with new costumes (and toys) I would love to see them in stereotypical colors to match their powers. Let's check out Ava below!

Ava's steed is Leaf. She is adorned with foliage patterns and has plant powers.  This figure is unarticulated and has no action features. She has rooted hair, a brush, and a removable saddle and bridle.

These rider figures have seven points of articulation: Ball-jointed neck, Hinge-and-swivel hips and knees, and Swivel shoulders (yes, the shoulders are simple swivel joints with no ability to rise to either side).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all the current Unicorn Academy riders. From Left to Right:  Valentina FuriAva BanjiSophia MendozaLayla Fletcher, and Isabel Armstrong.

And here is Sophia with two figures from other girl-centric action figure lines: Marinette from the 2020 Playmates Miraculous line and Bloom from the 2012 Jakks Pacific Winx line.
I originally planned to do these figures as a group post, so I used Sophia as a representative of the whole group. All the Unicorn Academy girls have the same basic body structure and height (except for Ava who is a little curvier).


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