Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Unicorn Academy - ISABEL!

Netflix's Unicorn Academy - Isabel Armstrong & River - Spin Master Toys 2024

Ah. I've finally reached the last post of the five Unicorn Academy action figures. I can only assume that these first five characters are just the initial release. There are at least two blatant omissions from the lineup: Rory Carmichael - the token boy of the Unicorn Riders, and Ravenzella the dark sorceress and primary antagonist of the series. As far as Rory goes, I notice that these female-centric action figure lines tend to treat male characters the same way females get treated in the boy lines - i.e. shortpacked or only included in expensive multipacks. Beast Boy from DC SuperHero Girls and Terence from Disney Fairies come to mind. But in the meantime, these first five figures are great. My favorite of the bunch is Isabel, mostly because her outfit looks the most costumey (the others look like they're wearing slightly outlandish street clothes). But Isabel is the sporty competitive member of the group so it's natural that her costume looks slightly more heroic. Let's check out Isabel and River below!

Isabel's steed is River. He is adorned with wave patterns and has water powers.  He can both create and control water. This figure is unarticulated and has no action features. He has rooted hair, a brush, and a removable saddle and bridle.

These rider figures have seven points of articulation: Ball-jointed neck, Hinge-and-swivel hips and knees, and Swivel shoulders (yes, the shoulders are simple swivel joints with no ability to rise to either side).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all the current Unicorn Academy riders. From Left to Right:  Valentina FuriAva BanjiSophia MendozaLayla Fletcher, and Isabel Armstrong.

And here is Sophia with two figures from other girl-centric action figure lines: Marinette from the 2020 Playmates Miraculous line and Bloom from the 2012 Jakks Pacific Winx line.
I originally planned to do these figures as a group post, so I used Sophia as a representative of the whole group. All the Unicorn Academy girls have the same basic body structure and height (except for Ava who is a little curvier).


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