Monday, June 24, 2024

Unicorn Academy - VALENTINA!

Netflix's Unicorn Academy - Valentina Furi & Cinder - Spin Master Toys 2024

One trope I love about young adult storylines, especially the girl-centric ones, is the mean snobby elitist character who is initially framed as an antagonist, but eventually becomes a frenemy, and finally a true friend to the heroes. In Unicorn Academy, the super-popular CGI animated show currently on Netflix, that character is Valentina Furi, the legacy student fashionista queen bee. It makes sense that she is paired with Cinder, the unicorn with the elemental power of fire. Both Valentina and Cinder are adorned with flame patterns and red and orange color schemes. Valentina is my favorite character from the show - probably because she isn't sugary sweet and always has a slightly dubious intent. I'm always a sucker for a villainous lady (even if they soften and become nice way too quickly). Season two debuts this week and hopefully introduces new characters that Spin Master can eventually immortalize in plastic. Fingers crossed. Let's check out Valentina and Cinder below!

Valentina's steed is Cinder. He is adorned with flame patterns and has fire powers. He can melt the ground with his molten hooves and can shoot fireballs from his horn. This figure is unarticulated and has no action features. He has rooted hair, a brush, and a removable saddle and bridle.

These rider figures have seven points of articulation: Ball-jointed neck, Hinge-and-swivel hips and knees, and Swivel shoulders (yes, the shoulders are simple swivel joints with no ability to rise to either side).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all the current Unicorn Academy riders. From Left to Right:  Valentina Furi, Ava BanjiSophia MendozaLayla Fletcher, and Isabel Armstrong.

And here is Sophia with two figures from other girl-centric action figure lines: Marinette from the 2020 Playmates Miraculous line and Bloom from the 2012 Jakks Pacific Winx line.
I originally planned to do these figures as a group post, so I used Sophia as a representative of the whole group. All the Unicorn Academy girls have the same basic body structure and height (except for Ava who is a little curvier).


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