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Unicorn Academy - SOPHIA!

Netflix's Unicorn Academy - Sophia & Light Magic Wildstar - SpinMaster 2024

If you have any tween or adolescent girls in your life, you've undoubtedly heard of Unicorn Academy. Since its Netflix debut in November 2023, the series has become an extremely popular property. I personally didn't watch any episodes until I discovered these action figures at Target last week, but I understand the appeal. The series features a very Harry-Potter-like beginning with the main character, Sophia Mendoza, being unknowingly summoned to a secret magical school. Where the students are sorted into dorms and given a chance to bond with a unicorn. The pull of equestrian life is powerful for this young demographic, and the unicorn aspect adds the perfect amount of fantasy and wonderment. Then there is a Magical Girl aspect where the riders undergo a transformation to match their bonded steeds - ie sparkly outfits and streaks of color in their hair. The individual episodes feature magic, teamwork, fantasy, and adventure. I think Unicorn Academy will be around a while. Let's check out Sophia below!

Sophia's Unicorn is Wildstar. All of the riders in this series come in $15 two-packs with an unarticulated figure of their steed. Sophia and Wildstar have a second version of this two-pack for $20 which features a "Light Magic" Wildstar with an action feature and lights (the Sophia figure is identical). So far, Widlstar is the only unicorn with an action feature release.

When you press the star button on Wildstar's rear hip, the left front leg will stomp down and a star pattern will be projected from a light under her chin.

These rider figures have seven points of articulation: Ball-jointed neck, Hinge-and-swivel hips and knees, and Swivel shoulders (yes, the shoulders are simple swivel joints with no ability to rise to either side).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all the current Unicorn Academy riders. From Left to Right:  Valentina Furi, Ava Banji, Sophia Mendoza, Layla Fletcher, and Isabel Armstrong.

And here is Sophia with two figures from other girl-centric action figure lines: Marinette from the 2020 Playmates Miraculous line and Bloom from the 2012 Jakks Pacific Winx line.


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