Friday, November 20, 2015

Funko POP! Arkham Knight HARLEY QUINN!

POP! Heroes #72 - Batman: Arkham Knight - Harley Quinn - Funko 2015

Funko loves Harley Quinn.  In a few short years they've put out more Harley merchandise than DCC and Mattel combined. I count 8 POPs, 1 mini-pop, 5 Mystery Minis (including the just-announced Arkham one), 1 Mopeez, 1 Fabrications, 1 Vinyl3, 1 Dorbz, and 1 Vinyl Vixen.  That's 19 Harleys (including variants) in two short years.  Plus you know there's going to be product for the Suicide Squad movie as well.  This Arkham Knight design for Harley Quinn has really grown on me.  The first time I saw a graphic of it a few years ago it made me groan with its impracticality.  But now I'm really warming up to it.  The one thing I've come to accept from the video game character designs is that they don't last too long before a new game and new outfit emerges.  I just hope one of these future games uses the Arkham-centric design from Assault on Arkham DVD.  That look was amazing and was way too cool to only be used in two brief animated scenes. Let's check out this Arkham Knight Harley below!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the New52 Roller Harley and the Arkham Asylum Harley.

And with her Original (Pistol) release and the Hot Topic (Hammer) release.

And finally with the Mattel Multiverse Harley (with sloppy facepaint by yours truly), and the DCC Harley.


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