Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Gotham City Villains Mini Mez-Itz - Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley - Mezco 2016

Back in 2013 there was a"Girls of Gotham" Mini Mez-Itz set shown at Toy Fair. This set marked the first time we would have seen Poison Ivy and Batgirl in this format and I was very excited. But then the street dates came and went with no products on the shelves. Eventually Batgirl and Poison Ivy were released individually at conventions and I assumed we would never see a box set like it. Then I randomly stumbled across this set at Barnes and Noble last week. This lineup actually makes me happier than the original Gotham Girls set because the redecos are significant enough to make my want them all. Catwoman is a purple repaint of the comic version, Poison Ivy is her classic comic deco (i.e. normal fleshtone and no vines), and Harley has a new puckering face and a noticeably brighter red paintjob. I'm not usually a sucker for color variations, but these hit all my buttons. Hopefully this bodes well for lots of future Mini Mez-Itz on the shelves. Let's check out these three ladies below!

Here she is with the 2012 SDCC Comic Version Catwoman.

Here she is with the 2015 SDCC Poison Ivy.

Here she is with the 2013 NYCC Harley.

And with the Suicide Squad Harley.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three ladies from this set together.

And with the Joker from the set.

From Left to Right: Batgirl, DKR Catwoman, Batman '66 Catwoman, Batman Returns Catwoman, SDCC Catwoman, Purple Catwoman, Poison Ivy, SDCC Poison Ivy, New Harley, Old Harley, Suicide Squad Harley.



  1. I think this is a repack (of sorts) of this year's Mezco SDCC "Mad Love" exclusive. Still want it anyway. :P

    1. Actually these are all original redecos. The SDCC Harley has both her eyes closed and the SDCC Joker has a white vest, flower, and gloves. I don't collect all the subtle Harley variations, but I like this face much better than my original one and the winking variant from the blind boxes.

    2. Excellent points. I don't have either to compare. I have "Mad Love" on pre-order at BBTS, and I plan on stopping by B&N (despite their dreadful phone customer service) on Monday.

  2. Just picked mine up from B&N today! I was also on the prowl for Dr. Harleen from a couple of different Wal-marts, but unfortunately, no luck.