Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wonder Woman Movie - MENALIPPE!

DC Multiverse Wonder Woman Ares Wave - Menalippe TRU Exc - Mattel 2017

One of the greatest joys I get in this modern age of action figure collecting is a surprise announcement of an exclusive figure. With all the conventions and toy shows, the fact that these can remain secret until the last moment is pretty amazing. Beyond the fact that this Wonder Woman Multiverse line has been near perfection so far, there are two awesome Toys R Us exclusive additions: an uncloaked Wonder Woman and this Menalippe figure. In the comics, Menalippe was always a priestess-type character, but in the movie it appears she is a Lieutenant and the sister of Hippolyta (and therefore Aunt to Diana). I don't know how prominent her role will be in the movie, but I'm so glad she was given the green light for an action figure because I really dig this cinematic Amazon look and I want a whole army. My only complaint is that I wish she was bigger. According to everything I've read, Menalippe is supposed to be tall and imposing, but this figure is smaller than Diana. Let's check her out below!

Menalippe comes with a Spear, a Bow, and an Arrow.

She has a hole in between her knuckles on her Right hand to knock the arrow in.

Menalippe comes with a pair of flaming swords for the Ares Build-a-Figure.

There are very few pictures of Lisa Loven Kongsli  as Menalippe right now. I assume there will be plenty after the movie comes out Friday. Spoiler Alert: I noticed that she is also cast in Justice League as the same character.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is the Themyscira group together: Diana, Menalippe, and Hippolyta. It's disappointing that Menalippe is in such a smaller scale than the other two. And I honestly thought at first glance that she probably used Hippolyta's body without the cloak, but she appears to be a completely original sculpt.

And with the TRU Exclusive Wonder Woman (review coming next) and the Cloaked Wonder Woman.



  1. I love an exclusive figure that features a unique sculpt. Awesome figure! I would have been over the moon if these warrior women had been available as action figures when I was a boy. It is a shame that the scale is slightly off (I think maybe the head is a tad too small). The more petite size would be appropriate if this was the blonde Menalippe of the Perez run, but obviously that is not the route the most recent comics has taken.

    I'm so excited to see the movie this weekend, especially as it's gotten great reviews. As Diana's origin has been altered so many times, I'm really interested to see what elements end up onscreen. I'm especially interested to see how Antiope (where's that multiverse figure Mattel?) and Menalippe are portrayed on screen as their personalities have changed so many times in the comic.

  2. she is in scale with the basics figures from mattel