Wednesday, November 8, 2017

DC Justice League Multiverse - MERA!

DC Comics Multiverse: Justice League - Mera (Amazon Exc) - Mattel 2017

I'm super nervous about the upcoming Justice League movie. Despite the amazing spectacle of the Wonder Woman film, I am not very confident that lightning will strike twice. I guess I will know for sure in a couple weeks. (The trailers are not helping though!) Despite my trepidations, one thing I am definitely looking forward to is the unexpected inclusion of Mera in the movie. Not only is it awesome to get an underused fan-favorite character in the cast, but she might have one of the best costumes of all the DCU designs. It feels very cinematic while retaining all the charm of her standard comic look. The Amazon-exclusive DC Multiverse figure was an unexpected reveal at SDCC this year and it was honestly the most exciting news for me of the entire show. I was so happy with the quality of the Wonder Woman Multiverse line, that I was hungry for more figures right away. Mera totally fits the bill. She even looks like an aquatic Themysciran with all that costume detail and metallic highlights. Let's check her out below!

So right off the bat I have a slight problem. Her sculpt is beautiful, the design is great, the articulation is plentiful and well-tooled. But for some reason they skimped on the facial paint apps. Her face is a simplified version of the prototypes and solicit pics. It's not unheard of to see that kind of cost-cutting measure. But in this case I was disappointed because it makes her not blend in with the Wonder Woman line, who all had very detailed face paint (if you can't tell, Mera has no iris or highlights in her eyes. just black and white heavy-lidded eyes). Also, her upper lip is unpainted (on mine at least).

From a 3/4 angle she looks gorgeous.

Profile too! This is a beautiful sculpt.

Mera comes with extra water-expelling hands and a spear/staff.

Here are some images of Amber Heard as Mera from the film.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the Brightest Day Mera from DC Direct.

And with the TRU Wonder Woman Multiverse figure (which is the same mold as the Justice League release). I'm curious to see if Amber Heard is really this much taller that Gal Gadot.

And with Diana and Hippolyta.


So, as mentioned above, I wasn't super happy with her deadlight eyes and tried a quick eye repaint. I'm probably going to completely re-do it because I'm a perfectionist, but I thought I would show the current comparison. Updated one on the Left, original on Right.

Cheers again!


  1. Arg! What a missed opportunity. She looks like a disgruntled child. It's terrible. Also this hips are too wide. Not a fan of that articulation. Your repainting improves her vastly. This line is such a mess. It's all half hearted efforts. The WW line was good, but we got Menalippe (which I don't even remember, and is way shorter than the rest), instead of Antiope (maybe Robin Wright didn't approved her likenesses). I will attemp to repaint her, but I really should not have to. This figures are supposed to be for adult collectors, as well as kids, thou I doubt Mera will be the figure kids clamour...

    1. Yeah, I do wish we got Antiope in the Multiverse line. It's odd because Mattel did make an Antiope Barbie, so Robin Wright must've approved that.

  2. Well look at it this way, James Wan's Aquaman could still be awesome. Like, Insidious 2 aside, dude has yet to make a bad movie.

  3. Ooh, she looks right in step with Diana and Hippolyta.

  4. Nice figure. Great sculpt and costume. Looking forward to the movie.

  5. I think most parts of her sculpt and paint look terrific, but indeed it's a shame what they did (or should I say didn't) do to her face..I think it's a proven fact that most people are naturally drawn to eyes first (I think with figures representing a human as well), so they should've knocked that part out of the park for sure! Makes or breaks a figure imo..your update is a great improvement, no more drugged out look!

  6. It was a good movie, I'd definitely see it again, I thought Batman and Superman looked perfect and colorful. I think the scenes where Mera goes on land must have been cut out but will be put in the blu ray.