Saturday, January 20, 2018

Justice League Mighty Minis - WONDER WOMAN!

DC Mighty Minis: Justice League Series 01 - Wonder Woman - Mattel 2017

One of the most impressive things about about the toy world is that, generally speaking, the products keep improving. When I think of what Marvel Legends and DC Multiverse figures looked like just a few years ago versus today, it's pretty amazing to see how much the quality has progressed. And it's not just those prominent action figure lines. The oversized 12" figures get better and better. And the little 2" Mighty Minis haven't been slacking off either. This Justice League Wonder Woman figure is leaps and bounds better than its Batman v Superman predecessor (similar to the improvements in the Multiverse and basic figures between the two films). I was so underwhelmed with the BvS Mighty Minis that I didn't even have new releases on my radar until I saw a pic of this one on Instagram and knew I had to have it. Surprisingly I followed a tip and found them right away at Best Buy. I'm a huge fan of tiny action figures so adding her to my collection was a no-brainer. Let's check out Wonder Woman below!

Like typical Mighty Minis, Wonder Woman has detachable arms and lower body. Her neck is also articulated, but her hair limits the range of motion.

Here is an insert showing the Series 02 figures (I've never seen them in stores, but they show up on eBay).

This figure also comes packaged with a Hot Wheels car. I see this set at Barnes and Noble.

Time for a Comparison Pic!

Here she is with the two other Wonder Women Mighty Minis. From Left to Right: Justice League Action, Justice League Movie, Batman vs Superman. They all stand just under 2" tall.


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