Monday, August 31, 2020

Spin Master - CATWOMAN!

DC Comics: The Caped Crusader - Catwoman - Spin Master Toys 2020

One of my first reactions when I heard news about the demise of DC Collectibles/DC Direct, was an irrational fear that I would never get another Catwoman action figure. As arguably the second most recognizable female in the comics world (after Wonder Woman... and only until the older generations learn about Harley Quinn), it's shocking how few action figures of her hit standard retail. By my count, there hasn't been one in three years, and only a few more in the last decade. But DC Collectibles gave us a steady flow averaging two a year (until the recent slowdown). So this Spin Master 4" Catwoman came at the perfect time. She is this simple but perfect representation of the Selina I love from modern comics. And now I have hopes that she won't be overlooked in the merchandising game. Plus she arrived the same week we got our first glance of ZoĆ« Kravitz as Catwoman in The Batman trailer. I'm certain this role will trigger some toys as well. Let's check out Catwoman below!

This figure is interesting because she comes (at least via Amazon) in an ad hoc 2-pack with an armored Batman figure. The two singly-packed figures are bound back-to-back in a cellophane cuff marked "This is a set. Do not separate."

Catwoman comes with a shoulder canon, a whip, and two claw gauntlets. The deco on these is very unfortunate. While this is technically the "Cryptic Camo" deco from the Jungle Mission adventure, in actuality it looks like someone just didn't clean the plastic vat at the factory. They are composed of nonsensical swirls and smears of different color plastics. It's not paint, but actual pigmented plastic (with different densities). I can't decide if they look dirty, smeared, or burnt, but they definitely don't look camo, and they definitely don't look good. I thought the white parts on the whip were just paint, so I attempted to scrape it away with my fingernail. Turns out that the white was a softer swirl of plastic that I essentially peeled out of the denser black plastic and left a deep trench. I fixed it with some putty and painted the whole thing with some black rubbery paint. Catwoman without a whip just seems wrong, So I'm glad I ended up with a plain black whip after some elbow grease.

Here are some photos of the insert. It looks like Catwoman comes with two different potential accessory decos.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the SpinMaster ladies so far: Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and Batwoman.

And a bunch of 4" scale Catwomen: Multiverse Batman Returns, Infinite Heroes, Spin Master, Microman, and Multiverse Arkham City.


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  1. Spin Master has a nice lineup of Batman toys. Keep em coming.