Saturday, December 11, 2021

Miraculous Ladybug - MULTIMOUSE!

Miraculous Ladybug Action Figures: Wave 05 - Multimouse - Bandai 2019

Considering how many cool forms the main character in Miraculous, Marinette, has assumed, it's surprising there haven't been more interesting toys of her. We've seen rehashed Ladybug costumes, and a very cool Lady Noire, but there could have easily been a few fun Marinettes in each wave. It's amusing then that the very last figure produced in the Bandai line would be Multimouse, one of her more unique transformations. I'll be honest, I was never planning on getting this figure. I knew the line was ending and she would be hard to get. Plus I wasn't a huge fan of the gray and pink color scheme, especially when compared to the bright bold colors of the other figures. But, typical of most collectors, over time I began to covet this figure. Her "exclusivity" (meaning: final-wave poor distribution) only ramped up her appeal to me. I finally got her at a decent price right as the new Playmates line started seeing wide circulation. She's a great final addition to the old line. Let's check out Multimouse below!

Multimouse comes with a heart accessory.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are my Bandai Marinettes together: Multimouse, Ladybug, Marinette, AquaBug, and Lady Noire. The only one I don't have is the Fluttering version which looks like the original release with a chunky plastic skirt and cape-like wings.

And here are all my Bandai Miraculous Ladies together. The Adrian and civilian figures wouldn't fit in the photo. From Left to Right: Stormy Weather, AntiBug, Volpina, Multimouse, Ladybug, Puppeteer, AquaBug, Lady Noire, Rena Rouge, Queen Bee, and Lady Wi-Fi.


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