Saturday, December 18, 2021


Roblox Imagination Collection - 4" Figure Wave 04 - Sea Serpent - Jazwares 2021

Nothing sparks my collecting curiosity more than a character with unworldly-colored skin. Red or Green or (especially) Blue complexions just thrill me. Although I mostly collect toys related to comics and animation, my personal aesthetics lean toward fantasy. Specifically creature fantasy with humanoid characters exhibiting animalistic traits. And for some reason blue skin has always been associated with aquatic people. When I first saw images of this Sea Serpent figure from the Roblox Imagination Collection line a few months ago I was ecstatic. This line has been the source of a lot of unexpected joy for me. Even though I'm unfamiliar with Roblox in general, Jazwares has produced a ton of attention-grabbing female figures. It has already surpassed the Fortnite line as far as diversity and imagination (IMO). And every time I buy a new figure, I unfold the paper insert to see news of even more figures on the horizon. It's a never-ending cycle and I'm here for it. Let's check out Sea Serpent below!

Sea Serpent comes with a trident and a short blade.

An exciting side-perk of buying these Roblox Imagination Collection figures is that they come with a product insert that almost always features reveals of upcoming figures.

My favorite two reveals from this insert are Stellar the Solar Scientist and Krystal North.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all the Imagination Collection Ladies so far. From Left to Right: Skylas the Skyland Delivery Girl, Aven the Silver Warrior, Vie Battle Witch, Sea Serpent, Nailah the Fortune Teller, Nit0-Z, Luna the Galactic Pop Star, and Digital Artist.

And here are the two new Roblox figures with a handful of Zelda figures. 
I think Sea Serpent and Nailah have a Zelda-like aesthetic to them.


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  1. Looks awesome. Roblox coming out with some awesome non-blocky figures.