Tuesday, March 22, 2022


MAFEX No. 139 - Batman: The Dark Knight Returns 2-Pack - Medicom 2021

Hyper-articulated import action figures really intimidate me. Lines like S.H.Figuarts, Figma, MAFEX, and Amazing Yamaguchi are super appealing to me. Despite their high price point, I find myself picking up a few each year. But the amusing thing is that I rarely ever open them. All the little accessories, the pressure to find the perfect pose, and the anxiety of doing a neverending photoshoot all lead me to delay opening for some future day when I'm feeling more brave. This Carrie Kelley is the 5th or 6th MAFEX figure I've purchased, but she's the first I've ever opened. She broke through my wall of hesitation because I wanted to add her (and the new Multiverse figure) to my Carrie collection (and I wanted to eBay the Batman figure she came with). I'm glad she snapped me out of my pattern. She is really fun to pose and has a terrific sculpt. I'm curious to see if her role in the upcoming Gotham Knights show alongside Bluebird and Duela Dent will increase her popularity. I hope so. Let's check out Carrie below!

This Carrie figure is really small. Although at roughly 4.5" inches tall she does seem appropriately-scaled for a juvenile character in a line of 6" adults, it's just rare to see an adolescent character in this scale.

Her cape is made of a crisp but flexible fabric with wires threaded into the edges for posing.

Of all the hyper-articulated action figure lines, Mafex always struck me as the most visually appealing because of the way they handle the articulation joints. They don't go out of their way to hide them, but instead they strike a great balance between form and function. They always pass my squint test (squinting your eyes and seeing if the overall form is still appealing -  or if joints are distracting, etc). Plus little details like the sculpted kneecaps really make me happy.

Carrie comes with an extra "windswept hair" head, two extra sets of hands, 
and two slingshots (one relaxed and one cocked and ready-to-fire).

She also comes with a "flight" figure stand.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Carrie with her pack-mate, Batman (Blue Suit Version).
(He still has the plastic paint-shielding sheets wedged into his crotch and waist because I will be selling him).

And here are my Carrie Kelley Robins together. From Left to Right: Imaginext, DC Multiverse (McFarlane 2022), DC Multiverse (Mattel 2016), Heroclix (2017), Mafex (2021), DC Direct (2004), DC Collectibles (2017), and Eaglemoss (2016). (I kept the Funko Pop out because it was too dominant).


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