Friday, April 29, 2022

Marvel Basic Series - THOR!

Thor: Love and Thunder - Basic Series 1 - Jane Foster Thor - Hasbro 2022

It's crazy how two figures in the same assortment can have such wildly different production aesthetic. I reviewed the Basic Series King Valkyrie earlier this week and she was a cool, no-nonsense figure with a good sculpt, and simple, but workable articulation. Yes, she had weapons molded in her hands, and yes the action feature was gimmicky, but she displayed nicely and was a great basic figure overall. Then I opened this Thor figure and was surprised at how different it was. The standard pose is awkward with jutting elbows. The overall sculpt seems bulky. The sculpted hammer dominates the figure and becomes an awkward focal point. And the action feature is chaotic - by squeezing her legs together, her hammer-wielding arm rotates fast at the elbow. It looks painful and doesn't make anatomical sense. With the new plastic-free packaging, I didn't know exactly what I would be getting, and honestly I probably would have skipped this one if I had better insight to the actual product. Let's check out Thor below!

I was able to get her in two static poses where she looked okay. But in most she just looked awkward.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Thor with the Basic Series King Valkyrie.

And here she is with her Marvel Legends figure.
Whereas the King Valkyrie basic figure essentially shared the same headsculpt with the Legends figure, these two have completely unique heads.

And with the Marvel Titan Hero Series figure.

Here are my Thors all together. From Left to Right: Funko Rock CandyEaglemossFunko Pop, Bootlego, Titan Hero Series, MCU Marvel LegendsMini-MatesComic Marvel LegendsMarvel Universe, and MCU Basic Series.

Here are all the MCU Basic Series figures so far (plus Kamala from video games). The new Thor figures are fractionally taller than the previous figures. From Left to Right:  Infinity War Black WidowInfinity War Scarlet WitchEndgame Captain Marvel, Love and Thunder King Valkyrie, Love and Thunder ThorGamerVerse Ms. MarvelBlack Panther Shuri, and Infinity War Gamora. (I forgot to include Endgame Rescue). 


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