Friday, March 10, 2017

POP DC Super Heroes - NEW 52 POISON IVY!

POP! Heroes #171 - DC New 52 Poison Ivy - Hot Topic Exc - Funko 2017

Of all the main Batman-family women, Poison Ivy is the one that most often gets forgotten in the merchandising department. Until the recent DC Superhero Girls figure, it had been almost ten years since the last action figure of her was in the mainstream stores (from The Batman), which in turn was the first in almost ten years (since the Batman & Robin movie).  Of course comic shops got a decent amount of specialty figures in those years, but poor Pamela just didn't get the same exposure as the rest. Funko has definitely been doing their part to right that wrong though. In the past three years they've released nine Poison Ivy collectibles in almost every product line from their portfolio. The newest is this surprise New 52 Poison Ivy Pop exclusive to Hot Topic. Much like the New 52 Harley last year, word about this Pop hit at the same time she showed up in stores. I love that kind of instant gratification. I saw a post on Facebook and I had her in my greedy hands 30 minutes later. Let's check her out below!

The New 52 Poison Ivy design has become one of my favorite looks for the character. It seems dark and brooding while highlighting her elemental properties. I feel like a lot of her previous looks are based on sex appeal, which makes sense in a cold, sexy, detached way... but is kind of at odd with her "I hate all humans" mantra.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the BTAS and Arkham POPs.

From Left to Right: Bootlego, DC Collectibles Figure, POP Vinyl, Jada Metals, and HeroClix.


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