Sunday, December 30, 2018

A Long Overdue 2017 YEAR-END REVIEW!

A Collection of 2017's Most Amazing Female Action Figures All In One Post

I kind of love my new tradition of doing an annual review a full year later. While all the other blogs are posting their top picks for 2018, I'm flashing back to the yesteryear of 2017. It started because of pure laziness. For example, right now I have a stockpile of 2018 toys that I haven't even photographed yet (and won't get around to for a while). But a major unexpected perk is the chance to really look back with a bit more perspective than you get with the immediate year. I had to doublecheck so many dates while preparing this post, because it honestly feels like I was buying the A-Force set and the Wonder Woman movie figures this past year. But no, they were all in 2017. It's also nice to prepare a giant post where all the photos are already finished. The unspoken timesuck of having an active blog is photo editing - rotating, cropping, resizing, and retouching - it takes a lot of time. (Luckily I find it relaxing and I'm a pro multi-tasker). Alrighty, without further ado here are 172 images of my favorite 2017 action figures.

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I'll start it off with 

Hasbro's Marvel Legends

Every year this line impresses me more and more with good mix of obscure and staple characters.

 Marvel Select from DST

This line really picked up speed with female characters in 2017. In the past we were lucky to get one a year (FYI in 2018 we got zero).

Marvel Universe (Marvel Legends 3.75")

This line has been dwindling, but they always good for a few classic characters each year.

6" Marvel Basic Series

The 2016 Gamora was followed by a Nebula and Black Widow in 2017.

Now we'll move on to

DC Collectibles

 DC Multiverse from Mattel

2017 was a landmark year for DC Multiverse. The movie figures were gorgeous and they're comic-accurate figure like DKR Wonder Woman and Burnside Batgirl were top notch.

DC SuperHero Girls from Mattel

This line may be kaput, but 2017 gave us a couple awesome new characters and a handful of repaints.

WWE SuperStars from Mattel

Banking off the itital success of the the DC SuperHero Girls line, Mattel launched the WWE SuperStars line in 2017. 

Miscellaneous Mattel Figures

Assorted 12" Action Figures

I like to put all these together (since they're too tall to fit in with their character groups in my collection anyway)

HALO from Mattel

It's really hard to determine the release dates of these suckers, but I think these were the only two ladies released in 2017.

Transformers from Hasbro

(Plus some 3rd Party gems)

 Star Wars Black Series from Hasbro

Star Wars Elite Series and Toy Box from Disney

Power Rangers from Bandai

Saga from McFarlane Toys

Marvel Mini-Mates from DST

I always fear this line is going to slow down, but the momentum has continued with plenty of Walgreen Exclusives.

 Imaginext from Fisher-Price


"I need to slow down on my Funko Purchases" - Me, every year.
Here are my favorite "final" purchases from 2017. (Rock Candy, Pop, Vynl, and ReAction).


No one does movie figures quite like NECA. Here are my favorite two from 2017.

Miraculous Ladybug from Bandai


My favorite statues from ArtFx, Iron Studios, and DST


And here are all the additional stragglers.. Playmates, McFarlane, Playskool, Jakks Pacific, Boss Fight Studios, and Kaiyodo.

Hope you enjoyed it.
I'll get around to the 2018 review sometime next year.

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